ABOUT OUR TEAM: There are quite a few people behind the magic that is Something Bleu. Husband and Wife owned and operated. Something Bleu is a local business. However, we have passports and love vacationing together! At this time we don't charge traveling fees within MO or IL. My husband would be your main videographer, and I would be your main photographer.  We of course have a team of professionals (assistants and attendants) to help with your day. 

Our Values: We believe in Heirlooms that you will cherish for generations to come, we believe in an album that preserves those images and framed art work. We believe in full service, holding your hand and guiding you threw this process. We understand this is all new and can be a little overwhelming to navigate. We are here for you.

Photo Questions and Concerns I've heard: I have a concern about touchups due to an insecurity.. I don't know how to pose myself.. My significant other isn't big into poses and pictures. I'm worried how I will get unique poses that work for my body type.. Or, I don't really know what I want. I want specific Pinterest photos from a board I've been saving for 3 years, do you do requests?  Trust me, when I say I've heard all these and more. Also know that we've perfected our art for the last 11+ years. I can promise you this: You're unique and so is your wedding day vision, I will customize your images based on your love story. You will start by taking a style test so I get to know you two. I love little sweet details of your story that can potentially be 'pulled threw' in your imagery. I will pose you in a fun, carefree natural way. I will also do poses that work just for you and your body type. I will take candids of course, because who doesn't love real moments? Send me your Pinterest board. While I am an innovated and forward thinking artist and have my own ideas, I completely understand and recognize your creativity. After all a lot of our clients book us because they love photography. :) You will receive my personal cell phone for texting after you reserve us, I am here for you even if that means in the middle of the afternoon while you're shopping online for the perfect engagement session outfit and want a few tips.. I will hold your hand and help guide you. Following that we setup an engagement session consult where I help you with outfits, locations, tones and all of those beautiful small details. Post engagement session you receive a gallery of images you can download, print and use as you wish. Closer to your wedding (usually 4-6 weeks prior) we setup a final meeting - I will treat you for coffee, beer or wine and we will sit down and go over your wedding day timeline, posed family photos, logistics, backup locations in case of inclement weather and so much more.. I want everything to be perfect for you. Because you deserve it. I believe in: Balance. At all times I have two NikonD810s on me, with two different focal lengths.. meaning one that is usually capturing closeups and one that is usually capturing far away images (or those romantic photos that make everyone *Swoon*) One camera is attached to my Profoto lights (or off camera flash) and the other I shoot using natural light. I believe in both lighting techniques, as it depends on what I'm capturing. I've also found that a lot of times people don't really know what they want until they see themselves in an image. By capturing your engagement session with this balance, I find that most clients discover what they prefer in regards to lighting and composition. Most love balance and want a variety. But that is why I believe an engagement session is SO important. It's important for you to relax and unplug day of knowing that your engagement session images were perfect and you know your wedding day images will be as well.

Video: My husband, our main videographer, captures all of those beautiful candids.. I often hear from clients that they didn't even know he was there.. clients can really be themselves around him. He does a few things that are a little different. He captures Drone (even if that means during family photos outside at the ceremony location) because we use every second of coverage you book us for. He also creates a smaller bouquet camera that he hides in your wedding bouquet to capture your walk down the aisle forever. A perspective you only get once, that happens in a mere few seconds. Re-live your walk down the aisle forever. On our wedding day, I was so hyper focused on my husband and not falling that I didn't even take in my surroundings. It's a gift to be able to look back on this moment, and see what I missed. Video is also really great for that, there are tons of moments you are going to miss or not see because you were somewhere else. Watching our wedding video honestly made me feel like I was reliving our day. Video captures the day in ways photography can't.. Reading your letters aloud in the morning getting ready, the nerves before you walk down the aisle, Your walk down the aisle, Vows, Speeches, Grandma breaking down on the dance floor. These are priceless memories that will forever be preserved in your wedding film. 

A LITTLE ABOUT MY HUBBY AND I: "US pictured left! And our crazy pups raiding our Photo Booth props. A little backstory - We met in college in the dark room with a shady yellow light :)  And we have been capturing 28-30 weddings a year for almost 11 years... and loving every minute of it! We love food [seriously it's a problem] we love traveling together, we were married in August of 2017 we have 4 fur babies and one human baby on the way... Most importantly we care about you and your unique vision!  It's important for us to give you all the love and attention you deserve. Coffee dates.. mimosas.. let's be honest, wedding planning can be stressful.. And we're here for you!" -MEG 


Feel free to read about our CLIENT EXPERIENCE above. Thanks for taking the time to view our work and congratulations to you both!



As Seen in The Knot Magazine            As Seen in The Knot Magazine