ABOUT OUR TEAM: There are quite a few people behind the magic that is Something Bleu. Husband and Wife owned. Something Bleu is a local business. However, we have passports and love vacationing together! At this time we don't charge traveling fees within the United States.

A little about us: We love food [seriously it's a problem] we love traveling together, we are recently married, we have two dogs a Pitbull and Chihuahua - Dobby raiding our PhotoBooth props to the left... Most importantly we care about you and your unique vision!  It's important for us to give you all the love and attention you deserve. Coffee dates.. mimosas.. lets be honest, wedding planning can be stressful.. And we're here for you!


Feel free to read about our CLIENT EXPERIENCE above. Thanks for taking the time to view our work and congratulations to you both!



As Seen in The Knot Magazine            As Seen in The Knot Magazine