Brittany & John Golf Course St. Charles
Friday 23 December
By Something Bleu
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Love Story: We both swiped "right" when we saw we had a few mutual friends in common and ended up meeting at our mutual friends concert at the London Tea room downtown.  We went to Sasha's on Shaw after to have some wine and get to know each other better!  The rest is history! John signed up for this crazy CFA exam in Chicago the first weekend of December 2015.  We were talking a few months prior and decided it would be fun if we made a weekend out of it!  I have a few friends who still live in Chicago and figured I could hang out with them while he took his exam all day Saturday!  He told me a few weeks prior to plan on going out for a celebratory dinner that evening!  We ended up going to the Signature Room on the 95th of the John Hancock building for dinner and drinks!  Then, the dessert menu came out and it was a personal letter from John professing his love!  He got down on knee and I said "yes"!  Afterward, we met up with some friends that had come in town from all over to celebrate the night away!! What a day!!! He loves my wiggly toes and my happy dances! I love his laugh and his smile and ability to calm me down no matter how rough my day was!  

We always have a blast together, regardless if we are lounging on the couch, doing the dreaded yard work, or going out for a night on the town with friends!
Everyday I look forward to seeing his face and getting a big hug and a kiss when I come home!  Pictures at London Tea room, Sasha's on Shaw, Hendricks BBQ, Main Street in St. Charles. We like to eat and drink- can you tell? These places represent our first meeting, our first mini-date, and first actual date!  And places we go back to regularly!  We have our own at waitress at Hendricks- her name is Kelly. 

Wedding Day: We are getting married on December 3rd, 2016 at St Peter Catholic Church and celebrating the night away at the Old Hickory Golf Club in St. Charles!  Think a cool, December day with a little dusting of snow, and imagine a winter wonderland!  Silvers, champagne, gold, and plum colors!  Not too holiday-ish but full of glitz and glamour for a romantic day in the midst of the holiday season!  We want to have a blast and look great doing it!  We will all be dressed to the nines and out to impress!  John is wanting to have 9-10 groomsmen in the wedding so this is going to be a big bridal party!  It will be a great group to work with!  

John says it would be cool if we looked liked we came out of a J.Crew catalog!

St. Louis Wedding captured in heart of St. Charles. Tinder with a TWIST.

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