Hannah & Brett MO Athletic Club
Tuesday 20 December
By Something Bleu
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Love Story: My fiance used to work with my mom. He worked with her for a year asking for my phone number and she never gave it to him. We finally met at one of their co-workers surprise birthday parties and he asked me out on a date the next night. You could say that its history from there but we didn't go out on a second date until almost a month and a half later. After not hearing from him for a while and thinking to myself, 'oh well', he called me up out of the blue and asked to take me to a concert. Both sharing a love for country music and Luke Bryan we went out and had the time of our lives together that night. After that, now you can say that it was history from there! I love that he is here to support my daughter and I no matter what. He is our rock and is always there for us. He has been so amazing with taking in my 7-year-old daughter and treating her as his own. Once we get married, we will make it official and he will be able to call her his daughter and she can call him dad.

Engagement: We were in Laguna Niguel in California on his company's yearly trip. The last night of the trip, we went to the big company dinner. When dinner was over, we were walking back to our room along a cliff overlooking the ocean. While walking back, he turned to me to tell me he loved me and then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I, of course, said yes!

Wedding Day: My dress is princess ball gown and our ceremony and reception will be take place in the ballroom at the MAC downtown. As soon as you walk into the room it feels like a fairy tale. With gold and chandeliers everywhere, its nothing short of romantic and classic. My flowers will be a mixture of light purples and pinks and whites and my main colors will be plum, mauve pink and purple, and gold. I want it to feel romantic and classic with candles all around.

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