The Caramel Room at Bissingers
Thursday 21 April
By Something Bleu
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This glamorous fairy tail wedding was inspired by golds, blush and ivory. With help from top vendors: A Bride's Ally, Special Event Florist Tina Barrera, Hair and Airbrush Makeup by the Blowout Bar, Videography by Something Bleu, and Photography by Abby and Ben were married at the The Carmel Room at Bissinger's Chocolate Factory, reception to follow. This wedding blew me away (seriously 25mph winds!) Abby and Ben met in law school, their love blossomed over a few short months. Their personalities complement one another. Abby is fearless, bold and kind. Ben is dependable, thoughtful and Abby's rock. Together this power couple embarks on life's journey together; unwavering and full of love.

Love Story: We met in law school while working for the law school clinic that represent indigent clients. Ben knew I would not want other people around, so after one of our nights where we ventured to a town over to try a new restaurant (that was so packed and I was getting hangry so we had to leave), we wound up eating dinner at Outback at the bar. We got in the car after dinner and the windows around us were fogging up. Ben asked me if I ever draw on the windows, and then told me to fog up my window. When I did, we had already wrote Will you marry me on the window?

Engagement: It was perfect (and I hyperventilated out of shock) Ben is the most kind, considerate and patient person I know. I am throw anything Ben's way, and he will take it with a smile. I can also tell Ben absolutely everything and be my goofy self with him. My home will always be wherever Ben is. Of course I have! I am a girl ;-) But I like so many things! I definitely want some unique candid photos that just make everyone say oh my gosh, they are so cute. I know I want our dog incorporated as well. I definitely see outdoors and the city and the water, but I also see brick roads and a small town downtown feel.

Wedding Details: My perfect day is just filled with love. I of course want it to look beautiful and to have personal touches everywhere, but most of all, I want my guests to leave and say "wow, that couple is so in love and so happy."

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