Wedding Tips To Consider For Your Big Day
Thursday 11 October
By Megan Eileen
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These past eight years of photographing weddings I've been honored to capture hundreds of beautiful brides - in that time I've really gained appreciation for all the details brides consider. When I was planning my own August wedding in 2017 - I understood now how stressful details can be. In this time I've compiled do's and don'ts and things to consider... not just with photography.


  • Consider having an unplugged wedding. Not only are we going to capture your moments, but we'll do it with quality and creativity. Leave it to the professionals. Yes your guests want to post photos on facebook and tag you the next day. Guess what? We do too! We want to deliver your images as fast as possible. We post teasers the day after your wedding. And post online proofing the month of your wedding. Consider having guests enjoy the moment and unplug from the technology world. I can't tell you how many times Aunt Judy has been to my right taking pictures with an ipad.. or Uncle Tom asks me for my settings so he can take the family photograph I'm taking... You'll receive your images. Why make it harder for your photographer to capture amazing images that you paid for? Note: The below photograph was provided graciously by wedding guest Ron Bast - it is an example of picture quality. Compare our cake shot with your guest cake shot. Consider an unplugged wedding.

  • Trust your photographer. Day of.. you may be stressing about certain poses - how you want your wedding captured. Consider an engagement session. Now consider it again. It's so important for you to feel comfortable on your wedding day - and feel like you can 'flirt' with the camera. You need to be prepared for your wedding day. You'll relax and become comfortable in your space knowing that your engagement photos were amazing.. so of course your wedding photographs will be too! We are going to talk about your style months before your wedding. Send us your pinterest board or share photographs you find online... Just relax and know we are professionals that will capture quality photographs in a unique way.

  • Have all of your details: Shoes, jewelry, accessories, wedding invitations, something old, something new, something borrowed and something bleu set out on a table - READY - to be captured. You don't want to be fumbling threw your bags while you're getting hair and makeup done and worried about the flowers arriving in time... keep it simple. Keep everything together. Hang your dress in the window and try to keep your house or hotel room clutter free. Designate a spot for your bridesmaids to set down bags and keep the rest of your space clean and perfect for your wedding photographs.

  • Have your flowers arrive when your photographer does. 
  • DONT FORGET your Wedding Invitations  
  • Text us what hotel room number you'll be in before your wedding day. Although, you may not check in until Friday - be sure to message us as this becomes available.
  • Most clients ask me.. how much time do I need? If you're wanting getting ready photographs: 90 minutes for the bride, 25 minutes for the groom.  If you're wanting enough time and amazing wedding party photographs I need two hours and up to two locations (please do not consider more than two - the more time you spend driving to locations and setting up for photographs the less photographs you'll receive.) PLAN YOUR WEDDING PARTY PICTURES 2-3 HOURS BEFORE SUNSET. Check your sunset time here: Sunset times for 2016. Family pictures usually take 30 minutes. If you have a large family, or small children and grandparents it may take 45 - 60 minutes.
  • Please plan 1 Location, INSIDE. In case it rains, is too hot, too cold or the light is not ideal during the time you scheduled wedding party photographs. Its important for us to plan 30-40 minutes inside. 

Location suggestions inside:

Old Post Office ($50 an hour inside) Free on steps, next to small mixed park.

Old Court house (Free)

Central Library (Free - requires permit, no flash allowed, very strict)

The Fox - $250 for 2 hours

Blues fan? Scottrade - $250 for 20 minutes - indoor studio space for rent downtown $60 an hour (2 hour minimum) has kitchen and restroom.

Your hotel lobby, just call and confirm before. NOTE: If your wedding is downtown - we suggest staying at the Marriott (formally known as the Renaissance hotel) They have a Crystal Ballroom that is killer!

  • Plan as many locations as you'd like. I've had some brides and grooms give us 3-4 hours for wedding party photographs. Because photography matters so much to them! If you're planning more time - we suggest planning a break for your wedding party in the middle. IE If you've scheduled wedding party photographs 2pm - 6pm. Schedule a bar or ice cream break at 4pm. (Its also cute for candid photos.) 
  • The location closest to sunset should be a bride and groom only location. You want a little 'you time' Plan this outside. We don't need to go to Forest Park to get amazing nature shots, a few trees close to your ceremony location or by the arch grounds will allow for this!


Wedding Day Timeline  General rule of thumb:

2 hours for girls getting ready (getting ready for the girls break down: - 30 minutes for details (dress, shoes and candids of hair and makeup touchups, 30 minutes for robe photographs, cheers photos, fun getting ready photos with girls, 30 minutes to get dressed, 30 minutes for a first look with your dad and or bridal portraits)

& 30 minutes for the guys - captured at the same time as main photographer, by our second photographer. 


1 hour for ceremony - or to arrive a few minutes early


30 minutes for family photos


2.5 hours (with two locations 1 with nature, 1 inside or more architecture based for balance)


at least 2 hours at your reception - 2 hours from the time you are announced.


(8 hours is the minimum we suggest if you want the full timeline of events photographed.)


Ask yourself what formal family photographs do you want taken after your ceremony? 



Family photograph suggestions:

  • Bride & Groom with Bride’s family (know EXACTLY who you want in this family photo)

    Bride & Groom with Groom’s family (know EXACTLY who you want in this family photo)

    Groom with Bride’s Grandparents 

    Bride & Groom with Grooms’ Grandparents 

    Bride & Groom with both sets of parents 

    Bride & Groom with Bride’s Parents 

    Bride & Groom with Grooms’ Parents Bride 

    Bride & Mother

    Bride & Father

    Bride & Parents

    Groom & Mother

    Groom & Father

    Groom & Parents

    Bride & flower girl(s)

    Groom & ring bearer(s)

    Bride & Groom with flower girl(s) & ring bearer(s) Bride & Groom with entire bridal party

    Bride & Groomsmen & Ushers

    Groom & Groomsmen & Ushers


  • Schedule 30 minutes in the morning if your ceremony and reception are at the same location OR 1 hour if separate locations (before your photographer is scheduled to start capturing getting ready photographs) to capture your ceremony location (WITH ALL DETAILS READY TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED) and reception (With all details: Cake, center pieces, table settings ready to be photographed) If you don't give your photographer time to capture these - and you are planning to have your wedding party photographs end right before you are announced - we wont be able to capture all those details that you put so much time and money into!

POST WEDDING: If you choose to print elsewhere, walmart or walgreens expect to get what you pay for: low quality and not accurate photographs. We have no control over how that non-archival lab prints. VIEW DIFFERENCES BY CLICKING

I hope you enjoyed this article. Please note: these are just tips! Please plan your wedding to fit your needs - shoot us over an email with any questions: