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Do you know someone in need and fighting cancer? Cherish today through Magic hour's photography as a gift. We capture beautiful moments in time. Something Bleu is a proud partner with the amazing Magic Hour, we believe in giving back to those fighting cancer.


Photo Sessions are 100% free and include:

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Let's make memories that last forever!


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"I discovered a lump under my arm after having surgery on my elbow in Aug 2017, didn’t think much of it at the time just figured it was an inflamed lymph node from surgery since I had so much swelling. 3 months later it still hadn’t resolved and was actually getting bigger. I had finally returned to work and didn’t want to miss anymore but I finally called my dr and had a mammogram and ultrasound done just as a precaution he said Mammogram was ok but the ultrasound showed an area of concern in the lymph nodes. I had a CT scan done 3 days later still showed an area of concern in lymph nodes and a couple of areas in the lung. Needless to say, my dr was a fit concerned and set me up to see a breast surgeon and further testing. They all thought I had lymphoma. They biopsied the lymph node and I received the call on January 16, 2018, that it was Not lymphoma but metastatic cancer of the breast origin HER 2+ and. ER +. The next step was to try and find it in the breast since we still hadn’t. An area showed up on PET scan that they believe was the source of origin but was never able to get a biopsy of it due to it being too deep in the chest wall. I began chemo on Feb 2, went through 6 rounds of TCHP, I still have Herceptin and perjeta every 3 weeks until Feb 2019. Just had a bilateral mastectomy and began reconstructive surgery on June 13, and now just waiting on the healing of that to begin radiation. It has all been quite the whirlwind of a journey, but I’m going to fight it until the end and not give up!" -Dana