8 easy steps: How to receive the album of your dreams

1) Email edit requests from wedding photos, do not skip this step if you need any edits.

2) Star your photographs (Most albums have 80, some clients have 120)

3) Submit your order form below (Leather color, shipping address, name embossing)

4) Wait for your first proof (about 3 - 5 weeks) Note: view an example of a real clients, approved album. The album below is based on a 20 page album with 120 photographs. 

5) Receive your proof, if you need any changes resubmit your order form below and mark proof 2. 

6) Understand we are here for you during this process, our goal is to get you your album by your 1 year anniversary - we understand you might be buying a house now, or are pregnant/ building your family. Your one year anniversary is paper, so we very much work towards this goal. Not to worry there are 3 included proofs. Please, do not email or text changes, this will create delays and you will need to resubmit your form. 

7)YEA! You checked your email for your latest proof, and you love it! Now submit print approval below, once submitted nothing will change and your album will be sent to our lab for printing. 

8) Once your Print approval form is submitted, you will have your album within 3-4 weeks, if you'd like tracking please text Megan.


As of April 10th, 2018 we are pleased to offer our NEW Heirloom album collection. Note: We have discontinued our around the world albums LONDON and PARIS.


Nothing will change once Print Approval is submitted. Your order will go to our lab for printing.

*Album photo examples provided by labs - screenshot of options to make ordering easier. Permission has been gained from labs to use screenshots of images.